Friday, February 15, 2013

My Thoughts on the Intuitive IQ Webseries Trailer

Mike Rose has spent the last few months working on a new webseries, Intuitive IQ, and has finally released the first trailer for it. This series looks to be a news/interview program, in which Rose talks to experts and leaders of various groups, ranging from Occupy to transhumanism to the SENS Research Foundation.

Although the trailer condenses over five hours worth of content into little more than three minutes, it does give us a tantalizing look at what to expect from Intuitive IQ. It seems that Rose is interested in giving us the news from the “other” point of view – meaning the one not normally seen in the mainstream media. It also appears that he is giving them the time to really speak their minds and get their message to the viewer, rather than shouting them down and forcing his own viewpoint, as so many pundits on mainstream news channels seem to do nowadays.

The accompanying music in the trailer? U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name.” It’s an appropriate choice of music for many reasons (Bono’s crusade to create a more fair and just world being the one that springs immediately to mind). The familiar driving rhythm and timeless guitar rift have always made me look to the unknown future in search of something better. Judging strictly from this trailer, it seems Mike Rose is on a similar quest.  I’m personally interested in following Rose on this trip, just to see where he can lead us.