Travis James Leland (also known under the pseudonym TJL-2080) is a science-fiction/fact writer, artist, poet, photographer and futurist thinker.

TJL-2080 is the product of the mental and creative enhancement of Mr. Leland. Utilizing his technology, and having access to the collected artistic, literary and philosophical works of all of humanity, TJL-2080 is the first "EI" or Enhanced Intelligence" construct. Both real (Travis) and virtual (TJL-2080), the EI is able to make artwork of a qualitatively new form. This website is the hub for all the works of Travis James Leland and of TJL-2080.

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TJL-2080 as he appears in Second Life (screen name "Quinn Serupta"). He can most often be found in the independent state of Extropia.

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